Runners in this event must abide by the following rules:

  1. No unofficial runners – No bandits (or pacers) allowed.
  2. No course cutting – Follow the marked course at all times – it will be clearly marked with orange flagging, directional arrows and orange cones. If you depart the marked course, you must return to the point of departure on foot before continuing. Cutting the switchbacks is cheating, and leaving the beaten path to avoid mud or water is just bad trail karma – please don’t.
  3. Mandatory gear – There is no mandatory gear needed for this race but we suggest a good pair of trail shoes, a small water bottle and maybe some bug spray.
  4. Optional race aids – Hiking poles, headphones, GPS devices, heart rate monitors, and similar devices are allowed – but ONLY IF you use them safely and responsibly (so you are aware of what’s around you and not a danger to yourself or others).
  5. No unauthorized crew support or aid drops – Crew access and drop bags are allowed only at designated aid stations. No one is allowed to drop or store supplies along the race route, and runners are not allowed aid between checkpoints unless it is an emergency.
  6. Pets – We love trail dogs, but not during a race. Please no pets on the course. (Pets are welcome as part of your crew, and at the start/finish area, but they must be under control and they must be on a leash while within the state park.)
  7. Do not litter – You can either carry your trash or dispose of it at the aid stations. We are operating under permits from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and litter could threaten future permits. Anyone caught intentionally littering along the trail will be disqualified.
  8. Passing other trail users – The course uses many popular hiking trails, so please be respectful of all trail users and yield as needed. Be careful, courteous, patient, and safe while passing competitors or other trail users. Communicate your intentions clearly (“Passing on your left”), and remember that it’s much more fun when everyone uses their manners.
  9. When nature calls – Both aid stations will have bathroom facilities, either a permanent structure or a port-a-john. If you have to pee, find a tree. Anything else, use the outhouse.
  10. Accountability – We’ll be tracking your progress around the course – it’s your responsibility to make sure your race bib is visible, and to check yourself (and your pacer) IN and OUT of each of the aid stations (even if you are just passing through without stopping). The communications team at the aid stations will record your arrival and departure, and relay your progress to race HQ.
  11. Cut-off times – Aid station captains will strictly enforce the cut-off times that are posted for designated aid stations. Aid station captains also have the authority to pull you from the course if it is clear that you are physically unable to continue in a safe manner. Their decisions are final, and if you refuse to vacate the course when directed, you’ll be disqualified.
  12. Dropping out of the race – If you can’t complete the race, you must notify an aid station captain and surrender your race bib, which will officially withdraw you from the race. If you leave the race and don’t show up at the next aid station within a reasonable time, we’ll assume you’re lost and will notify authorities. This could threaten the race’s future permits. Leaving a race without informing an aid station captain means automatic disqualification and restriction from entry in future races.

Additional event rules:

  1. Do your homework – Go online, read and understand all the available information concerning the 3 W’s of the race; the what, the where, and the when. The time put into developing a race website and writing pre-race emails are for your benefit, and you alone are responsible for knowing this information about the race before race day. If you have a question, please email us, no matter how silly you think it is.
  2. You are paying to race – When you sign up for a race, you are signing up to run/race at the event. When you show up at the event, we guarantee to provide a race bib, event timing, start line, a marked course with aid along the way, finish line, and results posted online through our timing company. Anything not listed above is a bonus provided by us and is not included in your registration fee. We have an obligation to our participants who actually show up to the race. If you do not show up, we owe you nothing.